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Are home inspection reports public information?

No, home inspection reports are not public record. Home inspection reports are confidential and owned by the client who hired the home inspector and paid for the home inspection. The client who hired the home inspector can choose to share a copy of the home inspection report with anyone of their choosing.

Watch out a lot more about it. In respect to this, are home inspection reports confidential?

There is an exception: However, at their discretion inspectors may disclose when practical observed safety or health hazards to occupants or others that are exposed to such hazards. Your home inspection report is confidential information and you don't have to share it.

Also, does seller have to disclose inspection report? the seller does not have to show you the previous inspection. however he is required to disclose any known issues with the house including those that came up during the previous inspection.

Accordingly, who gets a copy of the home inspection report?

As the buyer, you're the one paying for the inspection. So the report is your property. The only thing the seller gets is your repair request (if you make one).

Can I use a previous home inspection?

The previous report belongs to the old buyer and depending upon what your contract states can be used by the seller. It just can't be used by a new buyer. So if the new buyer wants to call the home inspector for the old buyer, and ask questions, they won't chit chat with them about it.