Are snapper rear engine rider good?

Best for all-sized lawns, the Snapper rear engine rider features a straight-forward design that offers easy-to-reach controls and a convenient 5-speed shift-on-the-go disc drive system. Plus, with vertical stand-on-edge capability, the mower is simple to maintain and takes up less room in storage.

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Snapper is a high-end maker of residential lawn mowers, both walk behind mowers and riding mowers and tractors. They are considered some of the best available, and are available at Snapper lawn mower retail stores, and certain models, including some riding mowers, can be purchased at Sears.

Also Know, who builds Snapper riding mowers? In 2002, Snapper was acquired by Simplicity Manufacturing, which was subsequently acquired by Briggs & Stratton in 2004. The Snapper name has subsequently been added to products such as weed trimmers, hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, among others.

Beside this, does snapper still make rear engine mowers?

New compact mower has a 36-inch fabricated cutting deck, welded steel frame and dependable warranty. “We are bringing back the iconic American Snapper mower design and adding innovation such as vertical stand-on end capability for easy storage,” said Ryan Fredrickson, product manager of residential riding mowers.

How do you start a snapper rear engine rider?

  1. Check the oil in the lawn mower engine.
  2. Fill the fuel tank.
  3. Push the stop switch (if equipped).
  4. Turn the fuel shut-off valve (if equipped).
  5. Operate the mower engine in the fast position.
  6. Engines with primer: For most temperature conditions, firmly push the primer bulb three times.