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How do you use a opaque projector?

Opaque projectors work by shining a bright light onto an opaque object (like a photo or a sketch) and then using a combination of mirrors or prisms and a lens to focus an enlarged reflection onto a surface. They're not digital, so instead of using an image file, you need a sketch or a photo you've printed out.

Click to read more on it. Also know, how could a mirror be used to project an opaque picture?

An opaque projector works by shining a bright light onto a nontransparent object. The light is reflected from the object and through a series of mirrors or prisms and a lens. This allows the user to enlarge and transfer an image from a small, opaque source to a larger surface such as a screen or canvas.

Similarly, do muralists use projectors? Using projectors for making mural can help you with various stages of your painting. Projectors work as a guide. They are reliable and produce a better output while saving a lot of time, and that is the reason why more and more artists have started using them.

Keeping this in view, what are the two drawbacks to using the opaque projector?


  • Dim image means the room must be almost completely dark.
  • Machine is bulky, heavy, cumbersome to move.
  • High wattage lamp generates a lot of heat, making parts of the projector unsafe to touch.
  • Pictures must be flat or parts of the image will be out of focus.

Do artists use projectors for portraits?

By adjusting the projector, either up or down, the image can be made different sizes, allowing artists to control the size and composition of their drawing. Using a projector is highly controversial in the art community. Many feel that using a projector is cheating, and by using it you are no longer drawing.