How do you use Ujala Blue in washing machine?

After putting in washing machine, I add 4-5 drops of ujala blue in 2-3 mugs of water, mix thoroughy, soak the whites one by one, squeeze gently and dry in sunlight(even in shade it will white). Once in a week, I put all the white clothes, socks, vests, kerchiefs etc in a single wash.

See full answer. Also know, how do you use blue in a washing machine?

To whiten whites in a standard or top-load HE washer in the wash cycle, stir 1/4 teaspoon liquid bluing into one quart of water. Use a glass jar to prevent staining plastic containers. Then add the solution to the wash water. If adding bluing only to the rinse cycle, use 1/8 teaspoon dissolved in a quart of water.

Furthermore, why is Ujala used? Many white fabrics are blued during the manufacturing process. That blue is the complimentary color of yellow, and serves visually to offset the yellowed appearance and make fabric look whiter. The blue, however, washes out over time. A bluing agent is used to restore it.

Thereof, how do you use Ujala Blue?

It's very easy to use Ujala Liquid, just add few drops of Ujala liquid in a bucket full of water. Than mix it well, and soaked White clothes. Than after some time, wash it, and dry them in Sun.

Is laundry bluing toxic?

Bluing liquid is slightly toxic, but can become more toxic as Prussian blue can emit hydrogen cyanide when exposed to high temperatures, strong UV light or acid.