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Is Home Interiors and Gifts still in business?

Read rest of the answer. Similarly, you may ask, what company took over Home Interiors?

The Home Interiors and Gift Company, also known as Home Interiors & Gifts, was acquired by Penny and Steve Carlile in 2008. The new owners merged it with their existing company, Home & Garden Party, to create the organization Celebrating Home.

Likewise, is HomCo still in business? HomCo maintained corporate headquarters in Carrollton, Texas, and had a Dallas-area warehouse and distribution center. The company ceased business in 2008 when it was acquired by 'Home & Garden Party' from Marshall, Texas.

Subsequently, one may also ask, do they still sell home interior?

Of course, Home Interiors is just a memory now -- after the Texas-based company filed for bankruptcy in the late '90s, it was scooped up by Home & Garden Party and merged into a new company: Celebrating Home. But the company's legacy lives on in our homes, antique stores and yard sales -- and most of all, our minds.

Who started home interiors?

Mary C. Crowley