What episode did Bodie die in the wire?

As recounted in All the Pieces Matter, Wallace's murder takes place in the first season episode “Cleaning Up,” when he is shot by his fellow low-rise dealers Bodie and Poot: “To see that end so viciously with his two boys, his two best friends …

Rest of the detail can be read here. Just so, who killed Bodie in the wire?

After Poot realizes he cannot convince him otherwise, he retreats. Shortly after Poot's departure, while Bodie is still focused on Chris and Snoop, O-Dog emerges from a doorway behind Bodie and shoots him twice in the head, killing him.

Secondly, what season did Omar die in the wire? Omar Little

Omar Devon Little
Omar as seen on episode "Home Rooms"
First appearance "The Buys" (episode 1.03)
Last appearance "Clarifications" (episode 5.08)
Reason/Cause Murdered by Kenard

Furthermore, does Poot die in the wire?

Poot in many ways is the "sole survivor", and the foil to the heavy casualties suffered particularly by Barksdale's organization. This is despite the fact that he survives being shot at three times, more times than any other character except Omar Little.

Why did Marlo kill Bodie?

Marlo kills Bodie because people saw him talking to the Police. Bodie was talking to the Police because he was upset that Marlo killed Little Kevin, one of Bodie's employees. Marlo killed Little Kevin because he thought Little Kevin was talking to the police about Marlo having Lex (another of Bodie's employees) killed.