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What happens to Carmen in Fame?

Schlomo reveals through monologue that Carmen has died of a drug overdose, and dedicates the classes' final senior song to her memory ("Bring On Tomorrow (Reprise)"). After the bows, Carmen comes back dancing on the roof of a taxi cab and sings "Fame" for the Finale.

Find out all about it here. Herein, who is the lead in fame?


The Actors: Serena Katz Nick Piazza Joe (Jose) Vegas The Musicians Schlomo Metzenbaum Grace Lamb (Lambchops) Goodman King (Goody)
The Dancers Carmen Diaz Tyrone Jackson Iris Kelly Mabel Washington The Teachers Miss Sherman (English) Miss Bell (Dance) Mr Sheinkopf (Music) Mr Myuers (Drama)

Secondly, is Fame the Musical good? Her solo singing performance was simply impressive. Expect a grand finale with the 'FAME' song, with more great dancing and audience participation. Age suitability: The show is suitable for children aged 12+ as there are some sexual, drug, mental health references and mild swearing.

Keeping this in view, what songs does Carmen sing in fame?

Act I

  • Pray I Make P.A – Company.
  • Hard Work – Company.
  • I Want to Make Magic – Nick.
  • Can't Keep It Down – Joe, Students.
  • Tyrone's Rap – Tyrone.
  • There She Goes! / Fame – Carmen, Students.
  • Let's Play a Love Scene -Serena.
  • Bring on Tomorrow (pre reprise)- Schlomo, Carmen.

How long does Fame the Musical last?

Musical | Running Time: 2h20, inc. interval | Closing: 26/01/2020.