What is Essastone made of?

Essastone is made from up to 95% quartz and like Caesarstone is an engineered stone product. Produced by Laminex, Essastone can be used as benchtops, splashbacks, parts of furniture, fireplace surrounds, wet area partitioning and internal cladding.

Complete answer to this is here. Subsequently, one may also ask, where is Essastone made?

The 95-percent natural quartz Essastone range is made by master stone-makers in Italy and Germany, are protected by a 15-year warranty and are available in “jumbo” slabs that make some highly dramatic design moments possible.

Likewise, what is Essa Stone? Essa stone is a type of engineered stone, also known as a reconstituted stone. It made up of up to 95 percent natural quartz based aggregates and 5 percent resins and pigments in order to create a slab of stone that is completely non-porous and homogenous.

Subsequently, question is, is Essastone heat resistant?

The high content of natural quartz makes essastone remarkably resilient and virtually maintenance-free. It's highly stain, scratch and heat resistant. However, no surface can be completely stain, scratch and heat proof.

How much does Essastone cost?

Cost Essastone is priced from $188/m², supply only (essastone.com.au). Smartstone is from $450/lineal metre, including installation (smartstone.com.au ) while Caesarstone starts at $450/m² installed (caesarstone.com.au ).