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What is the order of the cube escape games?

Cube Escape and Rusty Lake Order
  • Samsara Room. Released: 2013.
  • Seasons (Cube Escape Game) Released: April 2015.
  • The Lake (Cube Escape Game) Released: April 2015.
  • Arles (Cube Escape Game) Released: June 2015.
  • Harvey's Box (Cube Escape Game)
  • Case 23 (Cube Escape Game)
  • The Mill (Cube Escape Game)
  • Rusty Lake: Hotel.

Click to read full detail here. Similarly one may ask, which Cube Escape game is first?

Rusty Lake Hotel is the first premium Rusty Lake game, released between Cube Escape: The Mill and Cube Escape: Birthday.

Also, how do you play escape the mill cube? Cube Escape: The Mill is the sixth installment of the Cube Escape series, released in September 2015. Playing as Mr.

Living Room

  1. Click on the brain.
  2. Enter 257 to the left, then flip the switch.
  3. Click the screen to play the next memory game.
  4. Extract the black cube from the machine.
  5. Return to the machine in the basement.

Also to know, what is the code in Cube Escape seasons?

Insert the code from Seasons: 1487. Get the green gem. Defocus. Focus on the tree.

How do you beat escape the cave?

  1. Focus on the hole above the diver.
  2. Move the pedestal to catch drops of water from the stalactites according to the diagram on the wall. The fourth stalactite acts as an eraser.
  3. Use the pickaxe on the crow statue until it is completely destroyed.
  4. Take the bottle with water.
  5. Defocus, and go right twice.