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What is there to do in Montreal at Christmas?

7 Best Things To Do During Christmas In Montreal
  • Jacques Cartier Square: Enjoy The Merry Montreal.
  • Mont-Royal: See The Lighted Up Park.
  • Parc La Fontaine: Go Ice-skating.
  • Nutcracker Market: Hit The Shopping Spree.
  • Santa Claus Parade: Join The Troop.
  • Luminotherapie: Capture The Light.
  • Old Montreal: See The Fireworks.

All this is further explained here. Thereof, where can I go Christmas Day in Montreal?

Enjoy live music, hot chocolate and more at Christmas in the park at Place Émilie-Gamelin downtown and in Parc des Compagnons and Parc Lahaie in the Plateau neighbourhood, from November 30 to December 24 – also where a travelling Santa Claus pops by for weekend visits.

One may also ask, what is there to do in Quebec on Christmas?

  • Stroll through the cobblestone streets of Vieux-Quebec.
  • Catch a Christmas concert at one of Quebec's historic churches.
  • Shop the German Christmas Market.
  • Visit Santa at the Chateau Frontenac.
  • Spend a night in the ice hotel.
  • Go ice skating in the heart of Old Quebec.

Hereof, is Montreal worth visiting in winter?

Winter in Montreal can be nothing short of enchanting for visitors, even if locals tend to dread the colder and shorter days. It's true, the season can drag on for half of the year, from November to mid-April, and winter blues can set in if you don't take a few precautions.

What can families do in Montreal in the winter?

Top Things To Do With Kids in Montreal

  • Ice Skate.
  • Climb a Hill.
  • Visit a Market.
  • Eat some Maple Sugar(actually, eat a lot of it)
  • Attend a Festival.
  • Visit a Museum.
  • Tour Old Town Montreal.