What were the aliens spraying in War of the Worlds?

In Steven Spielberg's 2005 War of the Worlds film, the presence of the red weed on Earth is intentional. Once they have a strong hold of the planet, the invaders take captured humans and drain their blood, which act as a fertiliser for the red weed, helping it grow and cover the planet.

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Alien The Aliens were the invaders who attacked Earth in Steven Spielberg's War Of The Worlds . Their appearance is vastly similar to the Tripods they brought to invade Earth. Usually, in the War of the Worlds tales, Aliens from Mars take invade Earth, but in the 2005 remake, the aliens are not from Mars.

what was the aliens weakness in War of the Worlds? So, yes, the aliens in the 2005 movie did die of easily-preventable disease, although the explanation of it was not handled especially well; nor was it necessarily just bacteria that killed them, but possibly viruses, protozoa or any of Earth's microbes.

Beside this, what were the aliens doing in War of the Worlds?

The aliens may become short of supply in their planet and found our planet suitable for them. So, they sent the tripods to invade us and to make their food, they use us as water/fertilizers. H.G. Wells wrote this novel in terms of the late 19th century.

What is that red stuff in War of the Worlds?

The red weed (also referred to as the red creeper or the red swamp) is a fictional plant native to Mars in the novel The War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells. It is this plant that supposedly gives Mars its dull red colour.