When it comes to media and technology a functionalist would focus on?

1. When it comes to media and technology, a functionalist would focus on: the symbols created and reproduced by the media. the association of technology and technological skill with men.

Complete info about it can be read here. Subsequently, one may also ask, how do Functionalists view social media?

functionalism (merton)manifest function: Social media serves to connect people on a global scale with each other. Social media serves to collect big data to analyse large sums of information. Manifest dysfunction: most profiles are accesible, which means that your life is out in the open and privacy seems far.

Secondly, how are media and technology related? Media are channels through which information is transmitted or through which communication takes place. The relationship between Media and Information Technology in terms of books is not only a one-way relationship. Hard-copy, printed materials are in fact being promoted as a result of e-commerce on the internet.

Correspondingly, what is the functionalist perspective on mass media?

Functionalism suggests that the mass media's common perspective and shared common experience bind society together. Parsons (1964) argued that societal behaviour is governed by shared values that become societal norms, a value-consensus which enables society to function effectively.

Which theoretical concept focuses on how media and technology contribute to a smooth functioning society?

Functionalism. Because functionalism focuses on how media and technology contribute to the smooth functioning of society, a good place to begin understanding this perspective is to write a list of functions you perceive media and technology to perform.