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Which of the following is the most popular transmission medium for Ethernet networks?

The most popular transmission media option for wired Ethernet networks is UTP cable.

Explore more on it. Correspondingly, which of the following is considered to be the most secure transmission medium?

There are three broad categories of media: Wire, fiber and wireless. On a very high level, it could be said that fiber is the most secure as it is the hardest to tap. Cable is a little more secure, as physical access is not hard to tap and sniff the passing traffic.

Beside above, what transmission media is used for normal telephone service? Communication Network Architecture The transmission medium is a physical transmission path between two devices. A transmission medium could be a guided hard-wired medium (e.g., the twisted pair cable used in the telephone network), a coaxial cable used by CATV, or optical fiber.

Correspondingly, which transmission medium transmits data fastest?

optical fibers

What network uses radio waves as its transmission medium?

A wireless network uses radio waves as the sole medium for transmitting and receiving data. There are no wires involved. An example is the wireless router in your home.